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The Flying Nun Foundation (FNF) welcomes today’s announcement that Flying Nun Records and the Alexander Turnbull Library have begun a major project to preserve the label’s collection of master tapes and archival recordings.

The project, set to run over three years, represents a significant investment in time, money and expertise from both the library and the label.

“Some of New Zealand’s most talented recording artists put their hearts into making the music on these tapes.  It’s great to see that these landmark recordings aren’t being left to rot away,” said the FNF’s Chair, Caroline Stone.

“The FNF is delighted with the level of resourcing that the ATL is putting up.  We were shown around the library last year and have every confidence that the staff there have the knowledge and capability to do the job well.  We are also reassured that the project is being undertaken in a way that fully respects the copyright of the artists.  This is a critical issue for our members and the broader Flying Nun community.”

The Flying Nun Foundation is a registered charity comprised of people who have come together to ensure that work produced by and for the Flying Nun label and its artists is preserved, safely stored, catalogued and accessible.  We take an active role in surfacing all kinds of heritage material and connecting the people who hold it with archival institutions – or advising those people on how to care for their collections themselves. One of our key goals is the creation of a definitive database of all this material.

We can be contacted at and have representatives in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin available to meet in person.

13 July 2018