Flying Nun Foundation




Flying Nun Foundation

The Flying Nun Foundation has been formed by a group of people with a long association to the label to respond to the real concern that much of the Flying Nun Material is at risk of being lost or deteriorating beyond repair and needs to be preserved and archived so that its importance as part of the Flying Nun history and contribution can be identified.

The Flying Nun Foundation wishes to work collaboratively with the Flying Nun Musicians to facilitate the preservation of any and all aspects of Flying Nun Record’s heritage - be it tapes, promotional materials or related ephemera (The Flying Nun Material).

The Flying Nun Foundation does not seek to take ownership or control of any Flying Nun Materials.

Flying Nun Foundation Objectives

(1)       To create a database of Flying Nun Material which:

·      Records a living inventory list of Flying Nun Material, its ownership, its location, itsarchival status and copyright status

·      Indicates any known gaps of missing Flying Nun Material, as well as gaps in information pertaining to any of it.

·      Records what the owner/possessor would like to have happen with each item

(2)       To create a database of the various archiving institutions across NZ which:

·      Records  a living inventory list of all archiving institutions and their terms of engagement;

·      Includes a list of up to date contracts which each of the archiving institutions use when they wish to archive materials belonging to individuals or organisations.

·      To make this library of contracts available to any person who wishes to archive their Flying Nun Materials

(3)       To facilitate the preservation of Flying Nun Material by:

·      Advising owners of Flying Nun Material of best available archiving options for their materials.

·      Facilitating communication between Flying Nun Material owners and appropriate Archival Institutions.

·      Facilitating communication between Flying Nun Material owners and other Flying Nun Material users;

(4)       To promote the usage of Flying Nun Material by:

·      Providing an easily accessible central source of information on the location of Flying Nun Material, its ownership, location and its archival status;

·      Creating a “Terms of Flying Nun Material usage” policy guideline that promotes fair pay for fair use etc;

Promoting the Flying Nun Material available for potential usage